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AggieAir’s current multispectral payload consists of 12MP scientific-grade RGB and grayscale cameras which can be combined with any optical filter to provide specific spectral data. Combined with a 640x480 thermal infrared camera and optional SWIR camera, the payload is standardized at 4.2 pounds, is able to capture time-synchronized images at 1.5 FPS across all sensors, and includes 1Tb of onboard storage for possible mission times of over three hours. All AggieAir platforms share this standardized payload allowing for uniform data collection and postprocessing.   As a result AggieAir delivers  consistent  scientific results applicable to many important remote sensing problems. Click on the images below to see more information about the sensors.


Current Sensors

Lumenera Lt965R and Lt1265R

These industrial-grade cameras give AggieAir the ability to capture and save time-synchronized, high-quality raw images at 1.5 FPS at full resolution. The spectral response of each color band is distinct and optimal for remote sensing. The monochrome option can be used with narrow-band filters to capture other bands of the spectrum (e.g. near-infrared, red edge, etc). This camera is used with a high-quality Schneider 16mm lens. The resolving power of this lens is matched to the camera and produces crisp, clear images.

ICI 9640 Thermal Camera

This camera is the upgraded version of the ICI 7640 and has many of the same great features. However, it comes in a much smaller package and has a non-uniformity correction (NUC) flag. Like the 7640, the 9640 is radiometric and comes calibrated using an intense lab calibration procedure. Additional calibration is performed during the flight to compensate for effects of atmosphere and convection. 

Retired Sensors

Canon S-95

The Canon S-95 is used to capture visual (red, green, blue) and near-infrared (NIR) light. The AggieAir payload software (AggieCapture) communicates with the S-95 through USB and tells the camera when to take a picture. Payload doors are used to protect the camera during landing.

ICI 7640 Thermal Camera

The ICI 7640 is a microbolometer thermal camera (purchased from Infrared Cameras Incorporated) used by AggieAir to capture thermal imagery. The AggieAir payload software communicates with the camera through USB to tell it when to take a picture. The payload software also logs important inertial data from the UAV, such as position and orientation.

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