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AggieAir Science

Vegetation Mapping

Most land surfaces on the earth have some type of plant cover, and identification of vegetation is a common component in modeling habitat and ecosystems.  AggieAir's high-resolution, multi-spectral, multi-temporal imagery provides a tool that can be used to map and classify the characteristics of vegetation in various environments and create models that can reveal biological identity, landscape changes, and species habitat.

River Applications

Rivers are dynamic systems, and many river management applications require accurate and up-to-date imagery. AggieAir can provide aerial imagery for researchers involved in a wide range of river applications that  include monitoring and delineating instream channel fish habitat, removing non-native invasive riparian vegetation, and implementing / developing river restoration projects.

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture (micro-management farming) is gaining momentum because of modern technology and verifiable results. In addition to its impact on agricultural (increasing crop yield) and economic outcomes (higher revenues per acre), precision agriculture facilitates better management of water, fertilizer/pesticides and other farming activities.

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