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River Applications

Rivers are dynamic systems, and many river management applications require accurate and up-to-date imagery. AggieAir can provide aerial imagery for researchers involved in a wide range of river applications that  include monitoring and delineating instream channel fish habitat, removing non-native invasive riparian vegetation, and implementing / developing river restoration projects.

AggieAir has provided real-time Imagery for researchers who were investigating how fish habitat constantly shifts, both spatially and temporally. Changes in river flow patterns, coupled with changes in sand bar location, directly affect available fish habitat, and researchers were interested in delineating how habitat locations shift with changes in discharge. The spatially and temporally up-to-date imagery from AggieAir was available within 72 hrs of the actual flight, which allowed them to accurately annotate directly onto the imagery.

AggieAir imagery will be an integral component of a current river restoration project . Researchers are developing a restoration scheme that will restore and enhance the river to a semi-natural state.  Current schemes under discussion and development include:

  1. Removing Tamarisk (a non-native invasive riparian species) along large corridors of the river to encourage lateral channel movement and the creation of off channel habitat, which is severely limited at present.
  2. Depositing large gravel bars to enhance/encourage fish habitat diversity.
  3. Monitoring thermal regimes in the river to increase understanding of fish habitat availability.
  4. Using up-to-date imagery to assess river channel development and shifts during Tamarisk removal.

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