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Dr. Randy Martin

Since arriving at USU in the summer of 2000, Dr. Martin’s research has focused primarily on regional and local air-borne particulate matter commonly referred to as PM2.5. and the unique phenomenon of elevated wintertime ozone in Utah’s Uintah Basin. Part of the latter work has included adapting air quality instruments for UAV deployment Dr. Martin has led or collaborated on air pollutant research which has included, among other studies, investigations in to the composition, sources, and photochemical formation of PM2.5, the atmospheric behavior and sources of gas-phase ammonia, on-road vehicular emissions, air pollutant emissions from agricultural crop and animal production facilities, regional transport of air pollutants over the Colorado Plateau, and biogenic emissions of various hydrocarbons. Dr. Martin has and continues to collaborate with other USU investigators including those from the College of Science, the College of Agriculture, and the Space Dynamic Laboratory (SDL).

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