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Lumenera Lt965R and Lt1265R

These industrial-grade cameras give AggieAir the ability to capture and save time-synchronized, high-quality raw images at 1.5 FPS at full resolution. The spectral response of each color band is distinct and optimal for remote sensing. The monochrome option can be used with narrow-band filters to capture other bands of the spectrum (e.g. near-infrared, red edge, etc). This camera is used with a high-quality Schneider 16mm lens. The resolving power of this lensĀ is matched to the camera and produces crisp, clear images.
The images gathered with the Lumenera camera is calibrated to absolute reflectance using a spectralon white panel. Research is currently being conducted to use an incident light sensor instead of the panel for calibration.
Lumenera Website: Lt965R, Lt1265R

Camera Specifications: 
ResolutionField of ViewWeightSpectral Bands
9MP (3376x2704) or 12MP (4240x2832)
9MP:43x35 deg 12MP:45x31
Color (Red, Green, Blue) Monochrome (NIR, RedEdge, Yellow, etc)
Image Specifications: 
Flight Altitude (Above Ground)Swath WidthGround Resolution
9MP: 156m 12MP:164m
9MP: 5cm 12MP: 4cm
9MP: 390m 12MP:411m
9MP: 12cm 12MP: 10cm
9MP: 780m 12MP:822m
9MP: 23cm 12MP: 19cm
Payload system with Lumenera cameras, thermal camera, and Doors.
Calibrating the Lumenera cameras with a reflectance panel before flight
The incident light sensor is mounted to the payload and sticks up through the aircraft canopy.
Color Quantum Efficiency Curves for Lumenera cameras
Monochrome Quantum Efficiency Curve for Lumenera cameras

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