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Canon S-95

The Canon S-95 is used to capture visual (red, green, blue) and near-infrared (NIR) light. The AggieAir payload software (AggieCapture) communicates with the S-95 through USB and tells the camera when to take a picture. Payload doors are used to protect the camera during landing.

The images below show the camera, the payload door, and camera spectral response graphs. The visual spectral response graph is for a general CCD sensor and may not be the same response as the S-95. This image was taken from CCD sensors are sensitive to NIR light. Therefore, to make a NIR camera, the filter placed in the camera by the manufacture is remove and replaced with a NIR pass band filter. 

Camera Specifications: 
ResolutionField of ViewWeightSpectral Bands
3264 x 2448 pixels
50 x 39 degrees
250 g (0.55 lbs)
Image Specifications: 
Flight Altitude (Above Ground)Swath WidthGround Resolution
200 m (656 ft)
190 m (623 ft)
6 cm (2.3 inch)
500 m (1640 ft)
475 m (1558 ft)
15 cm (6 inch)
1000 m (3280 ft)
950 m (3116 ft)
30 cm (11.8 inch)
Canon Powershot S95.
Visual and NIR S95 cameras installed in payload.
The payload door halfway open.
Spectral response of CCD sensor.
Spectral response of NIR pass filter.

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