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Mark Winkelaar

Geographic Information Systems; orthophoto production; spatial analysis (2D & 3D); geographic data sources and formats; 6" Google Earth Imagery availability for UT(WMS); data preparation for hydraulic and habitat modeling; image registration and interpretation; stream delineation; automated channel delineation and widths using Thermal and NIR imagery; GPS and bathymetric data collection and post processing; map production; Experience with ESRI GIS software, ArcGIS, Global Mapper, EnsoMosaic, Trimble Pathfinder, Trimble Business Center, OPUS corrections; Trimble RTK GPS; Trimble GeoXH GPS; Projections and transformations for accurate geodata alignment; DTM and DSM processing; 3D visualizations; crop canopy volumes; Graticule production for use in Precision Agriculture, Horizontal and Vertical Accuracy Assessments, field mapping.

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