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Ground Station

The AggieAir Ground Control Station is used to program AggieAir with its flight plan, set up the sensor payload, and monitor and control the aircraft from the ground station computer. A skilled RC pilot can also manually control the aircraft using the ground station and an RC transmitter. This manual control option not required but is available in case of emergency. The  ground station can be set up on a single small table and includes the following minimum required equipment:

  1. Computer
  2. 900 Mhz modem and antenna
  3. Bungee/launcher
  4. RC Transmitter

The ground station can be used in many different configurations. For example if the flight plan requires the UAV to fly out of range of the home ground station, multiple ground stations can be used to control and monitor the same UAV. Even though the UAV does not need the to ground station to fly, the UAV can be launched from one ground station and landed by another. Just as multiple ground stations can control and monitor a single UAV, multiple UAVs can be controlled and monitored with a single ground station, for instance, in applications where the area of interest is too big for one UAV to cover in one flight. Multiple ground stations could also be used to control and monitor multiple UAVs.

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