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Cal Coopmans

Cal Coopmans

AggieAir head researcher and systems engineer. Oversees AggieAir platform, payloads, sensors, avionics development, as well as full system integration and testing. Expertise in aerial and ground robotics, unmanned systems, embedded/real time systems, digital and analog controls, DSP, Linux kernels and Unix operating systems, networking (TCP/IP, UDP, etc.) all levels of software development (assembly, C/C++/C#, Perl, Python, Java, etc.), mechatronics, electrical hardware design and implementation, mechanical design and materials.

Chief Scientist

Alfonso Torres Rua

Alfonso Torres Rua

Alfonso's research and expertise includes remote sensing data (unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites) production and analysis for agricultural water management, with emphasis on spatial crop status and water use estimation and monitoring at small and large scale. Water resources analysis at spatial and temporal scales. Use of high-resolution and satellite imagery in time series format in monitoring, forecasting and optimization studies for farms, irrigation systems and hydrological basins. Experience with NASA servers access, large spatial data sets processing, and web mapping services.

UAV Service Center Manager

Ian Gowing

Ian Gowing

Ian has been working within AggieAir since 2010 where his primary role was to function as the Ground Control Station (GCS) Operator. He is currently the AggieAir Service Center Manager for the center, where his principal role is to directs research projects and all aspects of flight planning sUAV missions. For additional information regarding possible flights, information about imagery analysis, and processing costs please contact Ian directly.

Lab Manager

Manager Nate Hoffer

Nathan Hoffer

Nathan leads in design & optimization of fixed wing UAVs & production of rotorcraft UAVs. Assists in rapid prototyping of composite fixed wing UAVs. Research & develop new composite materials and manufacturing techniques. Nathan is also the project manager and handles all HR related inquiries for AggieAir.