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Aerial Imagery

AggieAir captures high-resolution multispectral aerial imagery while in flight. The available spectral bands include visual (red, green blue), near-infrared (NIR) and thermal (TIR) imagery. The raw images captured by AggieAir can be converted into radiometric units that are automatically directly georeferenced and stitched into an orthorectified mosaic.

Image Processing
After a UAV flight is completed, AggieAir delivers individual, unprocessed images, as well as the position and orientation of the aircraft when the images were taken and the camera calibration data.
Raw imagery, also available after the flight, can be directly georeferenced using the aircraft position and orientation at the moment the pictures were taken.  This is a relatively quick and approximate method for examining flight coverage and quality, although the inherent errors related to the aircraft sensors (GPS and IMU) will result in some position errors in the images.  These images are delivered as world files, which can be imported and used in most conventional GIS software.
Within a few hours after the flight, AggieAir can create ortho-rectified mosaics with an internal DEM.  The pixel resolution will be determined by the flight altitude (ie. 400 m above ground altitude  = 11 cm pixel resolution).  Individual ortho-images and tiled outputs are available for very large areas.  Oriented images can be exported for additional 3D measurements, as well as DEM for contours and visualization.  Results are immediately visible in Google Earth or any GIS package.

Multispectral Imagery

AggieAir captures the multispectral imagery that is essential for all related scientific applications. Spectral bands include visual (red, green, blue), near-infrared (NIR) and thermal (TIR).  



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